Next Audi A5 Hatchback coming to the US!

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 This is great news.

Although the next A5 won’t really be an exciting looking car. (Illustration above)
As it will be, once again, an A4 coupe with 0.1% more style.
And, unfortunately, it will inherit the new A4 interior. Which is much worse than the previous one.

Still, the hatchback should be a great option.
Competing here with the BMW 4 series hatch.

Here is the current A5 hatchback. Called the Sportback.
It has been on sale in Europe for years, but never came over here.

Because of that”Americans don’t buy hatchbacks” BS…

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  1. I hope it rides as smooth as a BMW GT5 and not as rough & choppy as a BMW 3 GT. I went to buy a 3 GT and changed my mind after 1 test drive.

  2. What is the source for that info? I thought it was said only RS5 sportback might make it to the US which would be pretty expensive model…

  3. The Chevy Malibu offers almost the same style for much less money, and can be almost as well equipped!

  4. Saw one in Los Angeles last year and had to cross the street to go check it out, noticed the Mexican license plates. Great looking baby A7.

  5. It does have personality on the streets. The A5 is quite common in German – designed by Alfa legend Walter de Silva, who one called this the most beautiful car he has ever designed.

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