Opel Adam not coming here as a Buick (?)

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A while ago, after Buick announced the Adam would be sold in China as a Buick, everyone and their brother thought it meant the tiny car was also coming over here.
Even though GM never said that.
Now, these same people think it will never come here.
Because of what Buick’s Duncan Aldred just said a few days ago :
“I wouldn’t be looking for a small, B-segment car today”.

GM never said we were getting the current version in the 1st place.
( I even seem to remember then saying it was never engineered to be sold in the US)
But I think there is still chance we might get the next one. Due out in at least two years, or more.

I mean, there is a market for this.
Especially this really cool, slightly raised up version pictured above.
Fiat still sold over 25 000 units of the regular 500 here last year.
(Over 42 000 back in 2012)

What do you think?

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  1. Buick's demographic is still older drivers. I can't see anyone over 50 wanting a smaller Buick. Also, "Muricans want bigger, not smaller…..because "Murica.

  2. Every time there's a funeral, Buick loses a customer. Buick doesn't appeal to younger buyers because they don't offer a decent non-crossover for anyone under the age of 70. They seem to be abandoning the US market and focusing solely on China. The way Buick is going, they will likely have to pull out of the US completely once their aging market has dwindled to nothing.

  3. That's simply not true. Buick's U.S. sales are up and China's Buick sales are at an all-time high. There hasn't been any new product for Buick for 3 years. The Cascada is finally here and doing surprisingly well and later this year come Envision, a new LaCrosse, and the refreshed Encore.

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