Something you don’t see every day…

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That’s the third one I see in a few weeks.

I must say, that raised up spoiler does look pretty bad. Tiny and cheap. (There probably is zero need for it anyway. Especially in the city)
And black wouldn’t be my favorite color for this….

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  1. I want to like it. But it's just a model S that overate. The lack of a front grille makes it look like it's being smothered by a plastic bag.

  2. I've been seeing them in front of the Burbank Tesla dealership (where the hell did that come from BTW?!?) for the past two months or so.

  3. They are all over Burbank/Glendale now.. doesn't really stand out, particularly in black. Drove right past one and almost didn't notice until the door started opening.

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