Toyota teases new Prius model

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The picture on top is the tease.
The bottom one is the regular 2016 Prius.

Some say this is just the Plug-In version. But I don’t think Toyota would redesign the whole rear of the car for just the Plug-in version.
Even brand new lights.

Others suggest it might be the new Prius V.
That could be. Although Toyota has hinted recently that the new Rav4 Hybrid might actually replace the Prius V in their line up.

Could it be a sporty coupe? A sedan?

What do you think???

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  1. Plug in, the window is the same as the 2016 Prius. One can only hope 'Yoda did a better job on this one.

  2. That tail light looks GREAT on the CHARGER & DART & Durango. But somehow on a prius I think it would look like way too much tail light for such a tiny car-ette. (In addition to the fact that, like WAAAAYYYY too many Toyota styling cues, this too would be just another shameless (and crude) attempt to copy someone else's design–AGAIN!)

  3. Fools, this is the Hybrid version of the Turkish made CH-R. Now that this won't be a "Scion" Toyota will call it a "Prius".

  4. I think Toyota has just redesigned the lights to fit on the same body. Look at a Prius rear view (with proper lighting) and you'll see these fit.

  5. That looks like the CH-R cuv they just introduced. Someone mentioned that it had shared some internals with the Prius or Prius-C.

  6. Definitely the CH-R. Going to be labeled under Prius line. Probably going to have AWD and guessing will be called Prius X

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