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I know this is NOT a good picture.
(This was sent to me from Europe and I am trying to get a better version of it.)

Hyundai has mentioned a couple of SUVs for the all new Genesis brand.
One full size and a mid size one.
On top of the new G80 sedan (A face lifted Hyundai genesis), a new coupe and an all new RWD compact sedan.
It all sounds pretty good.

I cannot tell if this is supposed to be the big SUV or the smaller one…(looks like it says XG something…)

We should see the real thing sooner than letter, since the large luxury SUV market is much more lucrative than the large luxury sedan market.
Jus ask Cadillac…

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  1. That is fairly ugly. And Hyundai has been on such a roll lately. (well except for the Velostar) Someone needs to step in quick and kill this corporate face. At the very least get rid of the square plastic in the grill that conceals the front camera. Also, give us that Genesis Coupe we have been promised for the last 3 years and make it look like the HND-9 concept.

  2. I think it actually looks quite nice, cleanly chissled like the Volvo XC90. If the powertrain and ride are at the top of Hyundai's game, it could be a significant competitor in that niche market. Keep in mind, growing waves of new buyers are mov ing away from sedans and into SUVs/CUVs/etc. IO'd love to see this in a bright metallic silver or bright metallic red. Wheels, however, could be changed for my personal taste.

  3. Not horrible.. sort of resembles a Range Rover Sport or Volvo XC90.. but this doesn't look large or luxurious enough to be the XG90 (is the name a little too close for Volvo's comfort?). I'd call it the XG80 and bring out a larger, Range Rover-like flagship version called the XG90.

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