Volvo S90 US pricing.

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The all new Volvo sedan will start at $46 950 in the US.
That gets you a 250HP T5 model.
The 316HP T6 model goes for $52 950.

Now, lets compare that to its competition:
-Mercedes E-Class $52 650 (The “old” 2016 model)
-BMW 5 series $50 200
-Audi A6 $46 200
-Lexus GS $45 615
-Cadillac CT6 $53 495

So the Volvo is pretty much in the middle/lower end of the pack.
(I was hopping for a little bit better pricing. )
That also means that the gorgeous V90 wagon will be almost $50 000 to start. Since it is priced at about $3000 more than the sedan in Europe.

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  1. The CT6 is not nearly as cheap as this would suggest….add magnetic ride and a few other "expected" options and you're into the $70's quickly. But I think the S90 will give the rest of them a run for their money. It's far better looking that A6 5series or E-class; and if it's got more head/leg room than the rest–it will put them all to shame. ( The E, 5 & A6 are all a bit small for American tastes; and ALL of them DESPARATELY NEED a "long wheelbase" version, which they all sell right now in China.)

  2. Volvo is continuing to make great looking cars. The basic visual language really hasn't changed much since the early 2000s, and that's a good thing. However one thing that they are doing is switching entirely to 4-cylinder engines, which I believe is a huge mistake. The XC90 and this S90 are way too large to be powered by such a small engine. When new, heavy cars with small engines are fine. But the NVH becomes unbearable quickly as they get some miles on them.

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