VW Passat test drive. Part one. (How about these lights)

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 I just got a new VW Passat for the week. I will be reporting on it a few times.
But today, I just wanted to talk about the optional LED Light package.

Which is actually really cool. The revised Passat still looks very conservative outside.
Even though I think the new front end does feel more modern. And closer to the Euro Model we don’t get over here.
But it’s another story at night. The LED light show looks pretty amazing.
It’s all LED, all the time.
All of a sudden, the Passat is more of a futuristic sight. But only at night.

Same thing for the rear lights.
Too bad they didn’t redesign the whole light to better match the LED design.
(Like it is in the Euro Model)

But, all that crazy light show doesn’t come cheap.
My test car is a very well equipped SE model.
And the package is a $1245 option.

So I actually don’t think I would get it if I were to buy a Passat.

Still, a really cool upscale option.

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  1. Nice, yeah sure but for $1,250 I really hope one gets more than some LED lights.

    Glitz or not, a grand & a quarter in my pocket looks a ton better in my pocket than one a VW.

  2. Is someone who is attracted to the mainstream, ultra-conservative, very low-key Passat … really going to spend $1245 for some fancy, exotic light show?

    Very unlikely.

  3. imagine all you can write about are lights????? This company is as bad as toyota for lying, they should be defunct chuck

  4. Features should not be a hidden treasure. It's interesting how the tail lights looks extremely goofy until the light show. The "chrome "bar containing the LEDs is pretty slick, but I still hate the unused space at the tops of each section, what a waste. The fact that there is plenty of space for a proper light setup and it still uses brake light turn signals is insulting.

    – FusioptimaSX

  5. if people in old age homes still drove, the parking lot would be full of these in grey and silver. otherwise, no one should drive this, as well, they are a cheating company.

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