VW Passat test drive. Part two.

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 The US Passat is oftener compared to the newer Euro version.
The Euro version looks better, has a better interior. There is basically a lot of hate for our version.
Sure. The Euro one is better. But like the previous version, it would be at least $6000 more than what we are getting here.
Considering, I think our Passat isn’t THAT bad. Really.

Look at both interiors, pictured here.
Sure, the Euro version (Above) is a bit better. But it’s not that amazing. (Although that matt finish on the wood does look great)
They are both pretty conservative.

For 2016, the US model got a few new details inside. Mostly different trims. And it does make a difference. Now the fake wood looks much better. At least to me. And the metal trim above it actually looks great.

Details everywhere are very nicely done. And nothing is shiny (!)
Plastics are nice and everything feels super solid.
So there. I actually like the Passat interior. It is very pleasant and a nice place to be.

It fits with the conservative nature of the car.

I will talk about the drive later. But this car definitely has a double personality…

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  1. It's the most crappy large car offered in USA and Canada right now. They tried to copy the old Impala and GM was about to get rid of it then…

  2. grossssss, these are no bling cars, no panache, no style, boring , decrepit, and useless, just like their old loser owners.

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