2017 Chevrolet Colorado

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 This is, so far, not officially the 2017 model for the US.

This was introduced in Brazil for the local market.
But really, it seems just a matter of time until we get the same changes over here.
I mean how many different versions can they have…
The 2017 model is the one on top.
And I think it does look much better. More modern and a bit sportier. Very fitting of a smaller truck.

The interior looks all new. Which is surprising, since it wasn’t bad to begin with.
Again, the new one is on top.
(Unless the Brazilian version always had this interior??)

The steering wheel is typical of the one GM does use in Brazil ( I guess no airbag?)
So we wouldn’t be getting that anyway.

It’s good to see GM updating the small Colorado.
The main complain I have with the current model is the lack of power with the V6.
(This makes me think about asking for a Diesel version for a test drive)

Otherwise it is a good choice for a smaller pick up truck.
And it looks like it might get even better soon…

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  1. Quite clearly this is the international market Colorado and not the US version updated. Its not only built in Brazil but also Thailand for the Australian and Asian markets.
    And yes that steering wheel has an airbag in it.

  2. Brazil has TOTALLY different laws regarding the design and engineering for vehicles than the US. The two have NOTHING to do with each other. Brazil has the world's largest biofuel economy and is the worlds largest (per capita) provider of ethanol ( E85 & E100) for vehicles like this. Totally different engineering than the US Chevy has. And always will be. Both countries regulate the daylights out of auto design & engineering and those two very different paths of regulation have almost nothing in common.

  3. As noted above, this is the International (and original) Colorado/S10. I quite like the revised take on the N/A market dash – looks a bit classier than the N/A market one. As for shared components between the two, there are quite a few (the entire cab structure and doors are shared for instance). Outside of the box skin and front clip design differences, the largest difference is the chassis, which has a shorter wheel-base with the 5' box in the International market than in the N/A market. I'm sure we will see similar updates to the N/A truck in the next year. Maybe the next gen will just be the same truck (which would save cost).

  4. My opinion is the exact opposite of yours. I live in Brazil, and here Chevrolet said that they would bring Colorado here named as our S10. After cost calculations they saw it was impossible. But I would love if we had Colorado here because I find it prettier then our S10.
    As said before the trucks share lots of components (all the panel buttons are the same for example) but, where they can, they use low cost parts, because it would be unaffordable for us have a truck with US Colorado build quality.

  5. Anonymous @ 1:00 AM is correct. These are two different Colorados, so no, we won't see the changes over here. They only have the two different versions. This new facelift is for the international truck, to make is more closely resemble the US version. The interior is essentially all redone, this is the pre-facelift interior:

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