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Yes, we’ve all see this before.
But after posting stuff about ugly cars, I thought it would be nice to see something good looking, for a change.
I just saw these pictures of the new Pacifica Minivan I hadn’t seen before. So I thought I’d post them.

This looks better and better to me. I wasn’t crazy about it at first (Maybe I was expecting too much)
But this looks like the most stylish choice in its segment.
Good for them.

It’s too bad Chrysler is still a company in turmoil. With crazy/greedy Sergio trying to merge or sell off to another company.
Publicly announcing the death of the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 and then be surprised when sale numbers hit the floor.
(His decision to publicly criticize the 200’s design and killing it early just cost 500 jobs, by the way)

And, there is still zero new Dodge models on the horizon. And not much else for Chrysler for that matter (How old is the 300 now?)
Everything is going to Jeep…

But for now, let’s forget about that dummy and enjoy the nice work of some good designers…

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  1. This is a really good looking van, has kind of a French look to the styling. Should have no problem keeping up with the boring Odyssey and Sienna.

    It is a shame that Chrysler is being run into the ground by yet another management team. It really isn't that hard to figure out what they are doing wrong – wasting money on Alfa and Maserati to the detriment of every other brand, including Jeep. The Chrysler and Fiat brands need to die – neither has any brand equity left anywhere in the world. Sell Maserati to Ferrari or to a Chinese automaker. Fold Ram back into Dodge. Then you'd have Dodge as the mass market brand. Alfa as the upmarket brand sharing platforms with Dodge, Jeep for the SUVs. Then you'd have 3 strong brands that engender passions among enthusiast buyers, all sporty, fun brands. Of course, if they did kill Fiat and Chrysler they'd need a new corporate name, since FCA wouldn't fit anymore.

  2. Sergio's ego is really killing this company. Nobody except the Italians wanted anything to buy Fiat cars for over a decade now, and this dipshit pours Jeep profits into making more models of those crapboxes that no one, absolutely no one wants, wastes money on trying to revive Alfa, who again no one wants, and does no development on the real money makers.
    This minivan does look good. Lets hope it passes the crash tests well, and isnt priced way to high.He's just like that idiot at Cadillac who thinks they can command higher prices just because he thinks they deserve a higher position in the marketplace without doing and brand equity building.

  3. This van is easily a decade ahead of anything else. The "all new" Honda Oddessy looks bad by itself–and absolutely ridiculous compared to Pacifica. And Sienna and Kia suddenly look ancient! I love EVERYTHING about Chrysler Pacifica; from almost 300Hp (gas) to 80MPG (hybrid version) to a vac in the 2nd row to "Rolls-Royce" type seatback touch screens to the real leather dash (Ltd) to the 3600-lb towing ability and 8-passenger seating. The list of good things and new innovations seems to go on forever. And it's about the same price as last years T& C (which makes it less than Oddessy OR Sienna!) Absolutely miraculous….and did I mention automatic sound cancellation on ALL trim levels making it as quiet as an "S-Class" ? How about glass sunroofs over all THREE rows? Simply Amazing.

  4. I like it but I am baffled that FCA would follow the front end design language of the 200, a car that is a total flop that they can't give away.

  5. April 22, 2016 at 4:43 PM The 200 is an excellent car in every way but 1. And that 1 flaw is terminal. It's too small for most American families. Smaller than Accord or Camry; much much smaller than Avion or Sonata. And that one (1) flaw is enough to kill sales COMPLETELY. Too bad. Maybe if Sergio were taller he would have caught that.

  6. Styling is very nice but not as important as quality and safety. The last Pacifica and Caravan/Town and Country were always at the bottom of Consumer Reports lists on quality and safety. Pretty important categories for family haulers.

  7. I don't think its the front end styling that is a problem for the 200. Its probably the amount of room inside with the low roof and coupe styling…and the price. It quickly became a rental fleet darling. The front end for this van seems perfectly fine, though they could have made it look higher end.

    FCA'd decisions to 1) strip out Ram from Dodge – mistake. 2) Let Machionne run his mouth incessantly – mistake, and 3) bring the Fiat series here – mistake. Nobody here gives a damn about Fiat and their other brands. What Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep needed was some new tech for its trannys, engines and electronics. Some corporate consolidation for fleet purchasing power. And then to be left alone. Chrysler should have become near luxury with a new 300 FIRST. And then had the expectation that their models go through a refresh every 2 yrs. They already have the reputation for being "old".. dont let the designs rot on the lots.

  8. Sergio is an arrogant asshole that needs to be removed by the otherwise intelligent Agnelli family.

  9. April 23, 2016 at 4:35 AM "ALWAYS"??? How quickly we forget. When the last generation of T&C came out in 2008 it was consistently ranked superior to Oddessy & Sienna in every way — safety included. And remember the Toyota Previa? Toyota STILL holds the record for the most UNsafe minivan ever created — that's right–EVER! (The Toyota Previa "Death Trap" is what CU called it.) So once again, as with EVERY "all new" minivan every created by Chrysler, they, AGAIN are setting the bar higher than ever in ammenities, safety, performance, reliability, comfort, ergonomics, handling, quiet, ride and handling.

  10. To the last poster, the T&C was NEVER ranked superior to Odyssey and Sienna by Consumer Reports in any category. Not sure what an Oddessy is. Maybe some odd minivan in your delusional dreams? The Previa was only sold in the US over 20 years ago from 1991 to 1997. Why bring up something so old? Totally non-relevant argument.

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