2017 Citroen C6

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 This is really sad.
Granted, this is, so far, only for the Chinese market.
But the fact it wears the Citroen badge is not only sad, it is blasphemous.
Citroens were never supposed to be squared off, vulgar, chrome covered sedans.
And don’t get me started about that interior!!!

This is sad on so many levels. Let me count the ways…


 The legend. The DS.
That car came out in 1955 and was made for 20 years.
And it still looked great in 1975 when they stopped. Actually, it still looks great today!


The CX.
Another amazing design. This, still futuristic thing, came out in 1974. (Produced until 1991)
And again, looking a million times better than the new “super crappy” Chinese C6.

The “real” Citroen C6.
This came out in 2005. Yes, over 10 years ago.

Even this looks better. The current C5, which came out in 2007.
Almost 10 years later, it still looks fine.
Much better than the new monster.

Seeing  car maker loose its way is always very sad.
So let’s hope the new C6 stays in China.

And let’s hope that new car sharing deal PSA is planning for the US includes the Cactus!!!

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  1. That Chinese C6 looks like the ugly love child between the Optima and US Passat.

    – FusioptimaSX

  2. Depressing, I agree
    I also don't understand why they bother selling it as a Citroën. If they created de DS brand specifically for luxury cars for the Chinese market, then this should only be a DS model (not that this would make it more forgivable)

  3. Oh wait. Looking at spy shots of a camouflaged unit over at CarNewsChina, it looks like this car is just a rebadged Peugeot 508. So something like the Chinese Citroën C2 which was a rebadged Peugeot 206

  4. I don't get this one at all Vince. Considering how easy it is to create knock off styled cars in China, why didn't Dongfeng simply update the classic DS Citroen?

  5. DS Chinese joint-venture partner is not Dongfeng but Changan, even if Dongfeng is a shareholder of Peugeot-Citroen-DS. This is why Dongfeng is marketing its own premium-like PSA based models. The Dongfeng 1 is also based on the same platform as this new C6, whihc will be sold in Chinese market only.

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