2017 Mazda CX-4

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This is to be the worst kept secret.
The new CX-4 keeps appearing in the streets, at press events etc…
While it still has not be introduced officially.

Which should be any day now.
So I hope the next time I post about the new Mazda it will be better pictures…

Still, this already looks like one of the best looking crossover out there.
Let’s just hope it won’t be long before it hits the US.

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  1. And the sad thing, like many Honda's of late, they were never able to get the Crosstour right. Unlike Honda, Mazda will get it right from the start.

  2. Looks like Mazda is testing the waters. I still saw plenty of Crosstours on the road.. even though they were ugly and odd.

    This seems to have the proportions down. I'd definitely check it out at the dealer. I prefer a crossover, not an SUV due to the high winds we get in the area.

    One thing of concern… its always. ALWAYS. photographed from behind. So was the Crosstour when it started showing up. The front needs to help carry the car or it will suffer the same fate as Honda's late deformed crossover.

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