2017 Mazda CX-4

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Finally, official pictures.
And it does look great!

A pretty amazing design. I mean just look at it.
Inside too!

This seems to be the best rendition of Mazda’s new design theme.
The interior isn’t as fantastic as the new CX-9, but it’s also much less expensive.
And, it is way better than the poor CX-5 it is based on.
A slightly raised up super good looking wagon like this would be super popular in the US.

It is powered by Mazda’s usual 2.0 Liter and 2.5 Liter engines.

Mazda is still saying this is only for the Chinese market.
Which would be the worst marketing move of all times.

I bet we will see this in the US sooner than later.

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  1. Very nice alternative to the Subaru CrossTrek but will will differnetiate this from the CX-5 or smaller CX-3 besides a few inches here and there? What does this have to offer that the other two don't have? Like the CX-3 and CX-5 it will have AWD and extra height, but what else?

    I'm not sure if the rear will be flogged by disability issues.

    The CX-3 just needs a little more power and maybe a redesign cargo area to kill HR-V sales altogether. I would still take over the HR-V anyway though.
    The CX-5 was just refreshed and will get a all new design in two years or maybe less.

  2. I'm torn on this because if it were scaled up slightly, it could easily be sold as the CX-7 and aimed at the HUGE price/size gap Mazda is about to have between the CX-5 and new, more upscale CX-9. If it is indeed based on the CX-5, calling it CX-4 is a fail since consumers will expect a price lower than the CX-5.. but SUV "coupes" often command a premium. If it is based on the CX-3, the name would make more sense, but the interior doesn't appear to be shared with the Mazda 2 and CX-3 (and Scion/Toyota iA).

  3. Does anyone know what the purpose of the extra large rear reflectors are? The fact that they are twice the size they need to be is the only drawback on the exterior design.

  4. I have said it before that unless they include in every model turbos with 250 plus horses, they will not sell. Power and respect go together. They are missing the clientele that avoids underpowered, noisy, and inexpensive cars.

  5. First of all,I think Mazda is less than forthcoming on its intention with this vehicle. China only flies in the face of statements made by Mazda's CEO last fall in an Australian interview in which he said this vehicle was a whole new category of driver's car CUV which would appeal to a whole new segment of people. Also said it would be a competitor to the Outback which I would point out has limited sales in China so if that's the intent it wouldn't be going after it there but likely in the US where it's a huge seller.

    As to it being not much different than the CX-3 or 5, I would suggest that it's unlike either. Far more stylish and far roomier than the CX-3 and nothing like the squared off CX-5. Bringing it here as a CX-7 would require only some interior upgrades to justify a slightly higher price. But since the CX-4 is a totally different looking vehicle to the CX-5 I see no reason why the public wouldn't be more than happy to pay less or similar price to the CX-5 for a much more stylish, slightly less roomy, higher mileage vehicle.

    Meantime, Mazda's sales are in free fall (off 30% in cars and SUVs last month) and they have said they want to increase there product in SUV-CUV at the expense of cars, so the idea that they wouldn't be inclined to increase their market penetration in this segment with CX-4 would seem ludicrous.

  6. If Mazda really decides to not sell this anywhere outside China it would be catastrophic. This car could be an enormous hit worldwide. Everyone loves it, everyone is swooning over it on the internet. Why would they give up on so many potential clients like that? It makes no freaking sense.

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