2018 Buick/Opel Cascada

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These are, of course, just illustrations.
But they do give an idea of what a very nice and subtle facelift could look like on the Cascada.
I’m also hoping for a new, simpler dashboard. Just like they did with the 2017 Mokka/Encore.

I got this link from a generous reader who let me share his work on my site.
So thanks to Bernard.

You can see much more of his stuff HERE

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  1. It will flop. Most drivers of convertibles want to look cool and desirable. At least, if you are going through mid life crisis and finally can afford a Corvette, you can attract sugar babies with dollars and horsepower. But, driving a brand that fits the geriatric crowd…..

  2. Considering the Cascada is (for both Buick and Opel) based on the last generation Astra, a facelift is highly unlikely. Much more likely is a new generation Cascada for Opel, at least, which would then eventually make its way over here. Opel wouldn't invest in a facelift and new interior for an older variant of a last-gen model…

  3. OMG – enough with Buick being for the geriatric crowd. It's no more for the elderly than Mercedes, Lexus, or Toyota (which I've said before people feel the need to beat down their doors to buy these appliances). At least Buick is infusing some "enjoyment" into their cars – which is more than could EVER be said for Toyota. Give credit where credit is due – Buick deserves it. Just because you still drive an 8 year old Corolla, doesn't mean everybody wants to!

  4. Hey v6james,

    When you start a sentence with OMG, does it imply you are a cheerleader? Just saying…

  5. This predicted "subtle facelift" hardly seems worth the effort. Going by the illustration, it doesn't even match the new "face" of Buick, as shown on the Avenir, Avista, and 2017 Encore. Meanwhile, I agree that anyone who still associates Buick with senior citizens hasn't looked at their products lately. Would Grandma or Grandpa drive the Avista Concept? Have you seen the "spy photos" of the 2018 Buick Regal? Buick = classy, flowing designs, comfort, refinement, and quality.

  6. " Have you seen the "spy photos" of the 2018 Buick Regal? Buick = classy, flowing designs, comfort, refinement, and quality."

    That is right genius. You are referring to concepts and designs that are not in production, do not exist, and we do not know how they will come out eventually. Buick is still for the old and tired. may be that will change in 2020, but not now.

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