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I have to admit, they did a fine job making sure the Acura version ends up different and more upscale than the Honda HR-V it is based on. Really.

I mean, sure, you can still tell. Just like the outside of the car.
It seems that most interior parts are new.
It also uses a different, more powerful engine. It has an 8 speed automatic instead of a CVT.
And that super large ugly grille the Honda version doesn’t have.

Honda has already said they have no “current” plans to import this to the US.
But you know they will. It’s just a matter of time.
Just like Audi was never going to bring us the small Q3.

It’s like a drug. They just can’t help it. The US market is so hungry for any kind and any size of SUVs.
The temptation for profits is just to great.
Sooner or later, all SUVs end up over here.

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  1. The seats look like what your local dealer does when the Altima in stock is only in cloth.

    What a cheap job.

    Again, it will sell well in the US will a smaller sized grille (and nicer seats).

  2. this piglet is all new, look at the right side of the right front seat…..horrific quality, or lack of, right out of the gate……junk!!!!

  3. To the Anonymous person that wrote: "it'll sell about as well as the ILX. Yeah, not so much." I guess you have not checked the sales number of the 2016 ILX…the ILX has outsold all the other luxury brand carmakers' entry-level models. So, the CDX should sell very well.

  4. Again, to the dim whited "Anonymous" who claims the ILX is a best seller. (And doesn't even bother reading answers to his stupid comments)
    Here it is again (From a previous post):

    Acura sold 18 531 units of the ILX last year.
    ALL other premium car makers sold more of their lower end models:

    -Mercedes CLA: 29 643
    -Audi A3: 35 98
    -Buick Verano: 31 886.

    EVERYONE beats the ILX.
    (And all these cars , except the Verano, cost thousands more than the ILX.)

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