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Just another bad picture of the all new Acura CDX.
One of the comment I got on my previous post was right on. There is already an Acura based on the CR-V.
So this is based on the smaller HR-V. Which itself is based on the Fit.
So basically, their idea of competing with the Mercedes GLA is a crossover based on their cheapest model.

Maybe that’ll work in China, which is the main target for this model.
But I think Acura dealers in the US will be tempted to request it over here. They probably sell every SUV they get, while the sedans are spending way too much time on their lots.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in the US sometime next year.

And wait. Look at that grille!
It almost makes you miss the shield…

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  1. I sort of like it but I'll save my opinion until I see it in person….if it comes to the US. I'm wondering if the grill and headlights will look out of proportion to the rest of the car. We'll see.

  2. dis-gus-ting…..but, better than that fuel cell monster from honda and the new horrid mess, the Prius from motherless Toyota.

  3. Acura design (and to some extent still… Honda) just suffers from an incredible abundance of bad taste. This new grill, also formed under the design tutelage of Dave Marek, is just as eff'd up as the beak was…. its all caricature and tacky. Acura will do better once Honda realizes what is dragging them down (Dave Marek and John Mendel in American Honda…yes, there's problems in Japan as well) and quickly take out the trash.

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