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I just realized that I haven’t posted pictures of new Chinese cars for a while.
For this, I apologize.

So here is one: The all new Luxgen3.

As we know, Chinese cars mostly come in 2 flavors:
-Just plain weird
-Blatant copies of non-Chinese designs

This one seems to be a good illustration of the first category.
But when you think of it, it’s not much worse than recent Honda designs. Especially what they’ve been showing at Chinese Auto Shows.

It is cheap, but not THAT cheap. As it starts at around $10 500 in China.
Not that much less than a Versa over here.

I don’t really know that much about China’s economy, but this looks like a low end car. I just wonder how workers making $2 an hour can even afford a $10 000 car. like this…

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  1. If you told me this was a Honda Fit Sedan, I would have no trouble believing you. Thats how strange Honda has become.

  2. Luxgen is a Taiwanese company and they've actually made some good looking cars. This is the cheapest car in their line up and it does look kinda cheap unfortunatly.

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