Honda Clarity EV and Plug-In Hybrid coming up

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Honda will start selling pure EV and Plug-In hybrid versions of the all new Clarity next year.
The “regular” Hydrogen version is still on track for later this year.

I think this is a great move from Honda. they have just announced their 2017 Accord Hybrid.
And there is no plug-in version this time. This will be the Clarity’s job.
They also claim that version will have over 40 miles of pure EV range.
Which is better than anything else in the segment, except the Volt.

I sat in the Clarity and I can tell you it is quite roomier than the Volt.
Although the trunk is pretty tiny. And it is not a hatchback.

And… It doesn’t look much better in person.
Granted, it looks 100 times better than the poor Toyota Mirai. But really, what doesn’t…

The design is way overdone. The starting shape is fine, but they added so many bits and parts everywhere that it ends up looking like an 80’s rejected design from Citroen.
Which is really too bad.

Maybe the “non-hydrogen” versions will be slightly different. (These rear fenders covering the wheels… What were they thinking?)
I think the first generation actually looked much nicer.

Inside, it is also vastly nicer than the Mirai.
As the Toyota is not only ugly and weird, but also really cheap.
The Clarity has a much nicer interior.

But when you compare it to many other current “regular” cars, it’s really not that amazing. I think it should really be more futuristic.

It will all depend on price of course. Will all the incentives included, the Plug-in version might end up costing less than the Accord hybrid.

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  1. Uglier than the Mirai which is pretty hard to do. Whey can't Honda and Toyota build beautiful designs such as the Tesla? Weird design does not increase sales.

  2. shameful, honda just shameful, will not sell no matter if it's the best car in the world. A Butt Ugly disaster, learned from the school of Toyota Prius….yuk, your competition wholeheartedly thanks you!!!!

  3. I've been thinking about a lot of cars where the "starting shape" is fine, then the styling ideas just keep getting piled on until it's a gross mess. I don't know what the designers are thinking these days.

  4. The designers here were told this, "Your task is to fu<# up Honda as much as you can with your next design."

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