Infiniti QX “Sport Inspiration Concept”

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Quite a mouth full.
For what basically is the next QX70.

It now looks like a bigger QX30. Which is OK I guess.
Although I do miss the rounded lines of the current QX70.
This looks very “flat”. Everywhere. Now that curved grille doesn’t really fit with the rest of the design.
And the C pillar twist also seems more forced than on the smaller QX30.

At least it will be more efficient. The last time I test drove the current version, the 3.5 Liter V6 could only manage about 23MPG on the freeway. At best.
Now they have a more efficient and smaller 3.0 Liter Turbo they can use.

It is less distinctive than before, but at least it’s not as weird (And almost disturbing) as the Lexus RX.
And still has so much more personality than anything poor Acura has been coming up with.

Good for them for not jumping on the bland wagon.

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  1. The curves of the current model made rear seating and cargo area impractical. This works.,I like it, wrong wheels.

  2. I'm pretty sure this will be the next QX50.. doubt there is a new QX70 in the pipeline unless Nissan takes it back to its performance roots, which have been sadly lacking since the V8 option disappeared. C'mon Infiniti, you created the SUV coupe segment, time to come up with a proper Cayenne/X6/GLE Coupe competitor again!

  3. I still do like the current bubbly design but this takes all the design elements in an ll new direction.
    How long can Infiniti play on that design?

    Here is the small Nissan that may hit US shores while the next gen Juke heads up stream:

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