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Just a couple of pictures of that forbidden fruit, the new Mazda CX-4.
So far this is a China only model.
But I think Mazda would be crazy to keep this off the US market for too long…

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  1. so strange that i don't see the CX-4 reported on anywhere but Burlapp.
    still a nice looking, roomier 3

  2. Toyota and Honda haven't even dreamed of building anything that looks this good , never mind VW Hahaha

  3. It's beautiful. I can't imagine them not selling it here – though Volvo did that with the hot V40.

  4. I am not sure what Mazda is thinking here. They've eliminated the Mazda5 and CX-7 so there is definitely a gap that could be filled with this car in North America. Hard to tell by the pictures but this looks bigger than the CX-5. Would make sense for growing families who need something bigger than the CX-3 and CX-5. What are you up to Mazda you crazy bastards?

  5. its coming here, its a new unit to compete with Murano , called cx7 here. I have told all u sheep this before….wake up!

  6. I think Mazda would be INSANE to sell this only in China and not US or Europe. It looks fabulous and could become a huge seller anywhere they market it.

  7. I lease a 14' Mazda 6 and it's a great car except for one issue. Ingress and egress is terrible because of the rakish styling. So I thought this vehicle could be the solution for me. A taller and super stylish 5 door. I was shocked when I heard this was China only. I guess Mazda doesn't need any more sales as they must be satisfied with the March, 2016 30% drop in sales across the board.

    People would trip over themselves to get this. It's absolutely gorgeous.

    Mazda has said in interviews that this is a unique concept that would compete with the Outback. In China? I'm told Subaru barely has a presence in China. I guess that's why you would want to introduce the concept for this in Frankfurt so the western media can see what they can't have. Idea of delaying sale here or in Europe for that matter is ridiculous. I hate the ugly look a like suv-cuvs out there. This would have been a huge change of pace and clearly a popular one. Oh well.

  8. It looks great from behind. But Mazda should make the front end look as clean, modern and tough as the rest of the car. At the moment, it looks like the Mazda6… not as small-wagon/SUV ready, like the CX3's front end. Do that, and have a turbo engine with a great interior and you wont be ablet o keep it on the dealer lots.

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