Mercedes E Class “L” = E Class Maybach?

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 Mercedes has just introduced a long wheelbase version of the new E Class in China.
For the Chinese market only.

Because of some odd local market taste it seems that every single car maker is offering “long wheelbase” versions of their sedans over there.
The same day, both Jaguar and Audi were showing long versions of the XF and A4.
Which is so strange and pretty much defeats the purpose of an other larger model all together.
I mean who would get a regular A6 when a “long A4” has even more legroom?

And BMW is also doing this with their SUVs!
It really seems like something out of the Bizarro World to me.

But, hey. Just look at that back seat.
Of course it’s attractive to people who seat in the back and are driven most of the time. 
But again, with the new E Class already being super luxurious, who would pick a regular S-Class over this?

 Here is what they did. Mercedes did a lot of work on this.
Usually, carmakers design a longer rear door. (Plus roof etc…) But the longer versions don’t look that different.
This one does.

Mercedes has been testing this Maybach version of the new E Class for a while now.
Which, as you can see, will basically be the same car as the Chinese E Class “L” model.

So there you go.
Why not sell this to everyone, everywhere…

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  1. What the heck is the white version with the funny looking rear door? Is that some poor photo shop?

  2. That greenhouse looks pretty hideous.. should have just added a few inches to the front of the rear doors. And why did the fuel filler move to the opposite side?

  3. Seems like a niche that will never exist (small economical cars priced higher than high for the super-wealthy.) If you could afford this, wouldn't you just buy a full-sized car instead? Or if you want something smaller than a 7-series, wouldn't you get a Ferrari? I see no point to this (for big, tall, successful Americans.)

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