Tesla Model 3

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Here it is, finally.
Looking like a small Model S with a Model X front end.
The lack of grille looks really weird since there is space for one, so it just looks like its missing.

The whole thing looks more like a concept than a production car.
So this is also a bit weird. I didn’t read yet if this is the full on production model or not.
The  interior especially. And the headlights, don’t look production to me.

But if they are, it’s actually pretty futuristic.

The all glass roof seems great. But that also mean the car is not really
a true hatchback like the model S and X. Which is really too bad…
(There is no separate section for a hatch in the glass part)

-Range is said to be above 215 miles for the base model.
-That base model is also fast with 0 to 60 in 6 seconds.
-It does start at $35 000 before incentives.
– 115 000 pre-orders so far. Which means the 1st year of production (at least) will be spoken for when the car will be available at the end of 2017.
Which also means you’ll have to wait until around 2019 to get one if your name is not already on the list…

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  1. I agree, it looks very concept-y. I'm concerned by the conspicuous lack of an instrument panel behind the wheel. If it's meant to be HUD, I guess it's OK, but if the idea is that it would be integrated in that screen/tablet thing, I don't think it's a good way to go

  2. Now why cant Subaru come up with an Imprezza that looks this good? They'd sure sell a hell of a lot more of them if anything in their line looked this good.

  3. Love the simplicity and openness of the interior and the new steering wheel design. The new Prius should have been more like this and that is why 115,000 people are NOT lining up to buy it! It's ironic that the Tesla's are built at a former Toyota plant.

  4. BS , Marketing gimmick, not even a real car……people , please stop being so foolish and gullible.

  5. that interior is abysmal and lacking / devoid of any style, class or elegance. a real basic looking mess. this looks like a $9995 car

  6. I'm guessing the designers are still working on interior and exterior. Inside, this looks like a collection of old cardboard boxes, spray painted an awful shade of light bluish grey. yukkkkkkk!

  7. Kinda hollow, spooky. Like looking at a bust of someone that has no eyes or no mouth. Not my cup of tea.

  8. Keep in mind that Tesla gets to bank each of those $1,000 deposits and will draw interest on every one of them … So, even if the customer ends up taking back their money, Tesla gets to pocket the interest.

    Well-played, Tesla!

  9. …Keep in mind that Tesla gets to bank each of those $1,000 deposits…

    What interest? Do you live in a cave?

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