VW T-Prime GTE Concept

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Another stupid (really stupid) name for yet another VW SUV concept.

They’ve been showing SUV concepts for years and years. The only production result so far is the new Tiguan.
Which is still a year away from being sold in the US (the main SUV market)

This new one is base on the same platform as the new Audi Q7. So it is fair to think it would be a preview of the next VW Touareg.
That expensive VW SUV almost nobody is buying.
(They sold around 7000 of them in the US last year)

The concept looks OK. Much nicer than the “so bland it’s offensive” new Q7.
The interior is also much better than the Audi version.
So it might still look just OK in 2 or 3 years, or whenever it actually reaches production.

We are still waiting for the Crossblue 7 seater SUV.
Something VW desperately needs in the US.

And I am afraid that the Crossblue will end up being the SUV version of the US Passat.
It will sell OK the first year, just because it’s new. But people will quickly get tired of the super boring and old looking design.
And just like the Passat, it will drop year after year…

Good luck with another $45 000 to $65 000 SUV VW…

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