2017 Buick Lacrosse price

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So far, we only know the base price, which is $32 990.
Or about $1000 more than the outgoing model.

But that base model for 2016 was really “basic”. The 2017 comes standard with a 305HP V6 and Apple CarPlay.
While this seems to be quite a deal compared to other near luxury sedans, it is still pretty basic.
Things like leather seats are still an option.
While the Lexus ES is the most obvious competition, it is priced at around $ 39 000.

But the redesigned Kia Codenza might also be quite a competitor.

Sure, it doesn’t have the Lexus reputation for quality and reliability. But the Buick doesn’t either.
The Kia looks really good, has about the same power as the Buick. And it comes with an 8 speed automatic. And could be quite a bit cheaper when similarly equipped.

It seems like a shrinking segment of the market. So these large semi luxury sedans might be the last of their breeds…
At least for a while.

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  1. Vince, what are you talking about? In the 2016 J.D. Power vehicle Dependability Study, Buick was 3rd (behind Lexus and Porsche) but ahead of such vaunted brands as Toyota, Honda, Acura, Lincoln, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Infiniti, BMW, and Cadillac. Kia was below the industry average. Buick's been in the top 5 for a number of years in a row, so please don't sell Buick short!

  2. I am not talking about actually quality. but reputation.
    Most people have no idea Buicks are reliable (As are most US cars)
    No matter how good their cars are, they have to fight perception .

    Most people will just immediately think of Lexus as super reliable.
    Buick and others might never come up in most conversations.
    Sad but true…

  3. I do like the new grill, but I do not like the space wasting floating center console. Yes there is storage under there, but try getting at it without hitting your head on the steering wheel. Just give us regular center consoles with storage bins. For all its alleged faults, at least the Chrysler 200 got that part right.

  4. nice, lexus are crap ….. Infiniti is where it's at, as a matter of fact, this may be better than a lexus.

  5. Vince – You write about cars. Please try to be a bit more accurate with the stories.

    It's Buick LaCrosse. And Kia Cadenza.

  6. this buick is a gar eat americ an car it cannot be compared to the crap from korea or map an su=tuff the buck j his superior inn we very way to any of these toys

  7. Very much improved dash, shifter and steering wheel. Hopefully GM will take a lesson from Honda and offer the safety tech on all trim levels and not just offer it as an option on a high trim. Better yet, making it standard would send a message that they care about the safety of their customers regardless of the trim level they choose.

  8. You really need to do a little more research. GM's own website shows that in addition to the now standard (Cadillac XT5) V6 engine, high intensity discharge headlights are now also standard:

    T4F Headlamps, high intensity discharge (HID), Xenon projector
    lamps with flash-to-pass feature , automatic on and off, automatic
    delay and warning buzzer

    These were a $1200 option on the current generation model.

    There are many more features now standard – do a little homework, or at least pay attention to the press releases!

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