All new Fiat Tipo Hatchback.

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This has to be the saddest and worst Italian design I have seen in years.
I mean really…

There is zero personality anywhere. The front end could be from anyone anywhere.
(So is the rest of the car actually)

The old Tipo from the late 80’s was a really nice, simple design. And quite modern for its time.
And also, very “Italian”.

What is the point of getting a Fiat i you are getting a cheaper looking version of a Peugeot?
(maybe that IS the point…)
It looks worse than all other hatchbacks. And worse than much older models like the Ford Focus.
I mean this is what they have to compete with the Focus, Golf, the all new Astra, the new Renault Meganne?
A new Civic hatchback is coming out very soon too.

Unless this is smaller, like Fiesta size? ( that “old” Fiesta still looks 100 times better)

Well, this is another sad decision from “brand killer” Sergio Marchionne.
I wonder if he will also blame the designers for the sale disaster this is going to be.

And please, this one can stay in Europe (And “emerging” markets)
As it would do nothing to improve the Fiat brand in the US)

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  1. Of course, this will stay in Europe. It´s based on a model, which aims at Turkey mostly. And being sedan-based, it looks out of proportion.

    I´ve driven the sedan version of it last week and I can tell you that it is a decent diving car. Nothing spectecular, but solid – just like a Dacia. And it´s cheap. Nonetheless, it lacks the character and style of the car it replaces! IMO, this should have been an Autobianchi (there were rumours earlier to reactivate this old and forgotten brand), not a Fiat.

  2. The thing about this car is that it's way cheaper than all the competitors you mention. It's priced to compete with Dacia, not VW, Ford or Renault.

    They probably made it look like a Peugeot/Passat/etc on purpose, so it doesn't stand-out as a low-cost car.

  3. I agree that the name is unlucky, and whilst it looks a bit anonymous, it does look rather good in flesh, with a nice stance, and even a bit premium. Not Italian, but good.

    Then, you have to consider that it is ridiculously cheap in Europe. In Austria, where I live, cars tend to be above EU average. Here the Tipo starts at 11.500 EUR (and that with decent kit and 110hp), a Focus or Golf at approx. 18k EUR. 11.5 will get you a VW up! (2 segments smaller, less equipment, 60hp) or a aging Ford Fiesta (a decent car, but again way smaller and more suited to city driving). The Koreans are not cheap anymore in Europe, so nothing comparable there. A similar approach is done by Skoda on their Rapid (though actually cheaper and boring looking in flesh) will still cost way more in base form, and a comparable version to the Fiat is already nearly top of the range(the Skoda starts with a tiny NA 3 cylinder engine that has less torque than a Chevy Suburbans electric window motor and has no AC in base spec, e.g.), costing again close to twice of the Fiat. And, whilst th Fiat has a 5 year warranty, the Skoda has 2.

    Only a Dacia is similar good value, but feels cheaper, and also has a discount design, kind off. SO to me, whilst not Fiat's finest hour as in terms of design or progression, it is a great offer, incredible value and even most otherwise not Fiat freindly media admit it drives well and there is little wrong, even when you disregard the price….

  4. It's a nice car that needs a little rise height. It would fit perfectly in the Chrylser line up as a dart replacemnt

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