Chevrolet Avalanche wannabe: 2017 Silverado High Desert pack

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You just know that with all these pick up truck sales going up, GM must regret not having a new version of the Avalanche.
(Which was discontinued when the current Silverado came out)

So there is it: a new option pack. Which turns the current Silverado into an “Almost Avalanche”.
And why not.
It doesn’t look bad.

Here is the official claim:
“The High Desert package blends the capability and utility of Silverado, with the refinement and luxury of Suburban”.
Which does sound like a lot of PR BS to me.

As after having driven both, I can tell you that the Suburban is not really more refined or luxurious than the Silverado.
But hey, that’s marketing for you…

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  1. Vince,you know this is one of the vehicles thats holding GM back in terms of relaibility according to consumer reports.

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