Chevrolet Camaro Test Drive: a few things…

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 As I mentioned before, I am really not a fan of that yellow color, but the car itself does look great in real life.
It is really quite an impressive design.

 I mentioned the forward visibility yesterday. Well, it’s way better than from the back.
(It does look pretty terrible doesn’t it.)

But in real life, the side view is actually not that bad, and there is a back up camera when in reverse anyway.
So you do actually see enough. It is more of a claustrophobic feeling when driving, or entering the car.
Something you actually get used to. Since it is not a small car.
(That same feeling never went away when I was driving the smaller Nissan Z)

Someone was asking about the vents.
I am happy to report they work great.
(No more cold air right on your hands while driving.)

The best part is the outer ring controlling the temperature. It is one of the best new feature I have seen in a car in a long time.
It is really pure genius in its simplicity. The kind of stuff that makes you wonder “why didn’t anyone think of this before???”

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  1. The temperature control on the air vent ring is a blatant copy of Audi. It was introduced on the 2015 TT.

  2. Looks great from outside but from inside looking out is like shit. Feels like a tank. No thanks. I'm not going to war.

  3. Too much hoopla. Give it a few months and it will be another anonymous car driven by its blue collar clientele.

  4. From what I read it is terrific to drive but below average to live in it. Too impractical, like every other 2 seater, for my taste.

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