More pictures of the all new Alfa-Romeo Giulia

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It finally looks really nice in a classier color.
So far they have mostly been showing the 510HP V6 Quadrifoglio version.
The one almost nobody will actually buy.

Now we see the real thing, closer to what will actually be in the streets.
Most models we will be seeing will be powered by a 2.0 Liter Turbo.
Which will match its competition from the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 series.

This is quite a gamble for Fiat.
Competing with the best and most prestigious offerings in the US.

And it does look really nice. Nothing futuristic. Or super retro.
But it does look like an Alfa. Which is great.

The interior also seems to be many steps up from anything they have been offered so far.
And already much better than the poor new Audi A4.

What do you think?

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  1. I'm just still shocked and amazed at the decades long march towards resurrecting Alfa – a brand that NEVER was really a great brand, more of a great idea. This "gamble" will sink FCA.

  2. As Gm found out with Pontiac, as Chrysler found out with Dodge, and as Mazda is finding out, there aren't enough true "enthusiast" buyers to support a brand, which is why even BMWs are mostly just grocery getters at this point. Cars are mostly bought by women these days, and they don't want manual transmissions and they don't want loud exhausts.

    The car looks good though, except the tan interior, which doesn't seem to fit that Alfa stereotype I have in my head.

  3. It does look better in base trim, and a turbo 4 with a manual should be a fun combination.

    I wonder if the back seats will be livable. I understand why people think that RWD is sportier (because they learned to drive in their grandma's Chevy Celebrity), but very few RWD cars under 200 inches (5 meters) have a back seat that can fit teenagers or adults. The XE and 3 Series are useless that way, they have about as much usable space as a Yaris.

  4. Alpha's have that sleek Italian styling. I think that this is quite a beautiful entry. Very refined.

  5. The infotainment screen is better integrated to the dash than most others it will be competing with.

  6. The side profile is perhaps a little generic, but overall it's a stylish design that's a very credible effort.

    I love the interior, which is what a modern Alfa sedan should be like inside.

  7. A "3-series" with character: more aggressive outside / more luxurious inside. Just in time for those who thought the 3 was getting too generic, like a cheap "wanna-be" imitation of the 5-series. This Alpha is NOBODY'S "little brother" !!! LOVE IT!

  8. first of all these wheels are gross.

    As for the rest of the looks – it is remarkable what a perfect blend of 3-series, Infiniti, and E-class this thing is – with just enough differentiation to not be a copy, especially with the pretty face.

    Love the interior. I think there will be a willing market for upscale buyers who will be seduced by the Italian blood.

  9. Still think this would have been better for FCA as a baby Maserati.. other than the grille, the styling is already there.. and the Maserati brand name would definitely carry more cachet in the US market than the fairly unknown Alfa.

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