New Buick GL8 Minivan

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Another “for China only” Buick.
The GL8 minivan has been around for about 16 years.
The current generation came out in 2010. So it is time for a new one.
The one pictured above will follow the trend of replacing the V6 with a 2.0 Liter Turbo.
And of course, it’s not coming over here.
Unless Chrysler sells millions of the all new Pacifica and everyone, all of a sudden, has to have a Minivan.
In that case, I am sure GM will gladly import a few of these…

Just as a bit of extra info. This is the current one.
Which is still quite good looking.

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  1. Theres too big of a gap between Charysler's Pacifica (80 MPG -or- 8 passenger + NEWest Sto-N-go –all with noise cancellation std on all models) GM would have to make an enourmous investment to catch up now. Even Honda, Toyota & Kia look pretty lame by comparison (and I'm talking the "all new" 2017 Honda Oddessy looking lame next to Pacifica–inside & out. )

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