New Peugeot 3008

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This looks pretty cute.
I mean, not very simple. There are a lot of lines. Within what is basically a very conservative silhouette .
And a bit too many plastic chrome pieces everywhere for my taste.
( I had seen that on some recent Renault models while I was in Europe last year)

These chrome trim bits end up looking pretty cheap in person.

But at least, the whole thing is trying to be original.
Especially inside.

They’re is a slight change we might see this in the US. Since Peugeot will be using some of its new models as part of a ride sharing program in the US. (to “test” the market)

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  1. Great design. Wish we could get something this good in the US instead of the same tired old designs.

  2. It'd make a good-looking Ford or Dodge but if Peugeot is supposed to be an upscale/near luxury brand — this certainly
    isn't at that level.

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