No “Next” Buick Verano for the US

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There IS already a brand new Buick Verano. Based on the new Opel Astra.
But it is just for China, and apparently, it will stay there.

Which is kind of too bad. I mean, I know the market is changing to SUVs.
Small near luxury sedans aren’t really setting the world on fire these days…

For Buick, it went from 31% of their sales in 2012. To 68% predicted for next year.
So, of course, it will probably be replaced by a compact SUV, between the Encore and Envision.

But you would think  a small sedan like this might still be worth it.
I mean it’s already there. Designed, engineered etc…
It’s not like it would cost a fortune.

Plus, GM has proven they have no ethical problem about importing cars from China to sell in the US.
Like the Envision and the CT6 Hybrid….

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  1. Vince, not sure why there would be an "ethical" issue with importing cars from China. One could possibly have concerns about quality, but ethics?

    GM employees in China are not slaves or unethically treated, to my knowledge. Not sure why you would consider vehicle importation from China less ethical than importing from Canada, Korea, Mexico, or Europe?

  2. More like biting the hand that fed you. You got a screaming deal in bankruptcy and a few years later outsourcing production.

    To a country that is not our friend nor an ally.

    I know that it is more complicated than that, but it is a damn shame.

  3. but…GM is a global company and Buick is a Chinese brand. I drive an Encore, but there'd be no Buicks at all without the Chinese market.

  4. GM SHOULD import the Verano from China and SHOULD sell it to Canada. Canadians have always been a small car market and the Verano sells very well here. This is Buick's bestseller in Canada since the start!!!
    GM Canada, do you hear Canadians? Are you able to take some good decisions?

  5. It is bizarre to me that literally everything we have in our homes and every electronic device sitting on my desk right now is made in China (I looked), and no one bats an eye, but some how the automobile is sacred and not to be touched by communist hands. Its so dumb.

    As for the car, I drove the old Verano and liked it a lot. I like that size of car, but it may not be really well suited to the Buick mission here in the US. I think they could benefit from looking at Lexus hard and long and coming up with models that compete directly. Some rear wheel drive models and a halo car are needed.

  6. Most Americans would have all sorts of ethical, equality, and rights issues with the way Chinese companies routinely treat all of their employees. As more "big ticket" items continue to be imported from China (and replace American Jobs) this will inevitably become a big issue — even to the extent of hurting sales. The average US Consumer has no clue at all of how workers are really abused in China. (even in GM plants where GM owns up to 49% of GM-Japan's holdings)

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