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Or not. Who knows, really.

I thought I would jut repost these. From what we have seen the Civic hatchback seems pretty realistic.
Not sure where BMW will go with the actual i5.
And Volvo definitely should build this coupe version of the gorgeous S90 sedan.
But I think the new small sedan/crossovers previewed by the 40.1 and 40.2 concepts will be their priorities.
At least for now.

So there…

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  1. Vince, I saw a Civic turbo the other day and it had dual exhaust, but it was hidden with the rear bumper not making way. Isn't half the point of dual exhaust to show it off? Honda might as well have stuck with single exhaust. Chevy (Traverse) and Ford (Edge) are guilty of that to. I think "understated" dual exhaust serves no point!

    – FusioptimaSX

  2. The new Civic is great. However, how can they not make it a hatchback? All the lines are there and then they make it a trunk instead? The practicality factor misses the mark for this reason.

  3. I think the picture you posted of the Civic is of the sedan. There are pics of the 5 dr hatch available from autoshows.

  4. The Civic pictured above is the 2017 Hatchback version. Not the sedan ( You can see the hatch)
    The one at auto shows was a "concept". This is the production version coming out later this year.

  5. Vince, every so often you seem to go on a streak of posting very ugly cars. i had to scroll WAAAY down to the new LaCrosse to see something not ugly.

  6. "i had to scroll WAAAY down to the new LaCrosse to see something not ugly….."

    How old are you, 83?

  7. I'll take the BMW i-car. I think they look great. I drove one for a weekend, and the way it drives, it makes everything else seem like a tractor.

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