Volvo Concept 40.1

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This is basically a concept version of the upcoming small XC40 SUV.

And I think it looks great already.
Hard to tell what will be left of this for the production model.
(The XC90 was toned down a lot from the concept)
But this does look almost production ready.

It looks like a Volvo without being a copy of its larger siblings. Which is great.
Something BMW, Audi and Mercedes could learn from. (Especially Audi)

I guess this will do battle with the Audi A3, BMW X1/X3 and Mercedes CLA.
As well as the all new Infiniti QX30.

The all new Volvo will be offered with regular engines (Probably the new 3 cylinder turbo they’ve been talking about)
As well as plug-in Hybrid and all electric versions.

Good to see someone doing something original in the luxury segment. 

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  1. Not a fan of the total lack of rear side windows, but I guess it is the logical conclusion of the upswept window line look that literally every small crossover has. Hopefully that's not the final design.

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