2018 BMW 3 series???

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So I was driving along with a friend, in the desert. Test driving the Buick Cascada I have for the week.
When this came along. A BMW prototype.
It was right in front of a Camry for a while and it was smaller than the Toyota.
But as you can see on these pictures, it does look like a RWD car. So it’s not the upcoming 1 series sedan. Which will be FWD.
And it still has a lot of camouflage. More than the recent spy hots of the next 5 series. Which is right around the corner.
So my guess is: 3 series. 
I mean, it already looks super boring. And a lot like the current generation.
Which is what the 3 series has been for years.
What do you think???

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  1. I liked the 5GT….but $70K +++ ??? So I Drove a 3 GT — waaaaay too harsh/jumpy/stiff. Especially for a "Grand Touring" with a bigger back seat and more leg room than the cramped 328/335 sedans. So in the end we traded the old 5 sedan in on a Hyundai. Certainly not as tight in triple diget speeds, but sooooo much more comfy when I have to spend 3-5 hours on the interstate. Now waiting to see how big the new E-class will be. If it's smaller than a Genesis or Equis; it may be a long time before I settle for another German!

  2. I think this is the 1 series sedan. My current 328i is actually lower to the ground and wider. This looks like a narrower body, but definitely similar design cues to the 3-series

  3. BMWs are simply overpriced and their designs are sometimes hot and sometimes lukewarm, The 3 series is rather the latter. The only saving grace is the horsepower. Add the 3 series turbo to a Mazda 6 and let's see who is the dude in the neighbourhood.

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