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 This is both baffling and sad.

Sad, because Ford has been coming out with one good design after another for years.
Especially sad, because the first generation Ka was such a cool and different car.
This is not only plain ugly, it also looks really cheap and already old.
It does have a strange 3rd world look to it. Or something from Russia or China.

Baffling because.. Why??
Why do they need this car in the first place?

Is the market for a super boring tiny 4 door hatchback that huge in Europe?
Other offerings in the segment from Peugeot, Renault or Opel look futuristic next to this.
Even the 8 year old Fiat 500 looks 1000 times better than this.

Why? Why?? Why???

This is the  first generation Ka. Which came out in 1996.
And stayed in production until 2008. Yes, that is 12 years!
That’s what a good modern and original does. It stays good, modern and original for a long time!

The second generation was much more conservative.
But this new one already looks old…


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  1. I have to fully agree. And even more baffling is to me , that the Ka+ combines several failures of different car makers in it: The VW Lupo was replaced by the Brazilian produced (and larger) Fox in Europe. The 3rd world quality drove away people form an Euro brand, so the next (current) car, the up!, returned to the initial Lupo formula. Nissan replaced the cool Micra by a cheapened out Thai built super boring car (the current model), and spyshots indicate they took the beating and return to the previous formula. Mitsubishi's Mirage (space star in Europe, what a ridiculous name revived from a earlier MPV for a small car) is basically now the equivalent of "bad car", despite trying to give you a lot of kit for small money. But apparently Ford doesn't care about these failures, they combine all that went wrong previously to this car.

    That said, if in Europe oyu like a 5 door hatchback and a cheap price (about 2000 EUR less than this), you can have a Dacia Sandero. Which, despite being actually cheap, avoids looking and feeling anything as bad as any of these 3rd world hatchbacks…..

  2. Vince, it looks like a 3rd world car because it IS a 3rd world car. It's just an updated Ford Figo, which was designed for the Indian market and is built in India.

  3. FORD KA. Something less than a Kar. Which is already less than a Car. Which is miles from being an Automobile.

  4. The current on sale Ford Ka is made in the same factory as the Fiat 500.
    It shares the same platform as the Fiar Panda and the 500.

    It is on of the cheapest cars on sale in Europe.
    Not great looking but great for 7999€.

    The 'new Ford figo' looks like an Old daewoo.


  5. Get prepared to be really bummed out. The next generation of the Fiesta may look much like a large version of this. The latest spy photos of the Fiesta seem to indicate that. It's much more squared with a less steeply sloping belt line. The back is notably blockier and less rounded. Compare this Ka with the previous version and you'll get the idea.

    The next Fiesta might be roomier, but less sleek and dynamic with the Aston-Martin-esque grille stretched out of shape. The next Fiesta ST may resemble bug-eyed Polo GTI.

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