Audi A5: 2008 Vs.2017

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Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but these two cars are nine years apart.
(The top one is the all new 2017 model.)
The 2017 one is based on a new platform, so proportions are of course a bit different. And, sure, the design isn’t 100% the same either.
Still. This feels and looks like a joke.
I am not saying the new A5 isn’t good looking. I think it looks great.
But so did the previous one. Why even bother???

Inside, it does look very different. But in my opinion, the new one is a step backward.
Sure, there are a few small more modern details. The screens etc.
But the general flat shape of the dashboard is really not more modern.
And really not inviting at all.

(Imagine if this was in a Buick or Chrysler. Everyone would be all over it.)

I mean really… 9 years???

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  1. I completely agree with you regarding the exterior. Audi exterior designers sure are a lazy bunch (or maybe just one guy with a Xerox machine). But I have to strongly disagree regarding the interior. I think the new one is a spectacular improvement, very sleek and futuristic. The difference feels not one, but two decades apart. Can't really understand how you can say it doesn't look more modern to you.

  2. Great to see a direct comparison. Yep Audi redesigns are often more like refreshes sadly. And that combined with very long product cycles.

    But the interior I think is an improvement at least in 1 area. The current one feels pretty cramped. This design should feel lot more spacious. You can see that also in the pictures. Don't like the chrome but maybe with an upgrade you can get rid of that.

  3. Vince you are dead wrong on the interior. By the way, how do you know how it feels? Have you driven one yet? The inside of the new A4 is much better than the old one. Especially if you get the wooden trim. Very sleek modern and inviting. The outside not su much, but it is an improvement.

  4. The exterior is better, but 9 years later??? Should have occurred 4 or 5 years later. The interior also looks good, but nothing really innovative. And that stand-alone display….enough already!

  5. We understand you are not a big fan of Audi. You seemed to be trash talking about them on most of your postings. I'm with most readers here, ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE with your opinion of the interior. We know you are a huge fan of the Korean car makers. But to each to its own.

  6. if i'm not into cars I would have no idea which one's supposed to be the "new" model, i'm tlaking about both interior and exterior

  7. Nine years is a ridiculous time to wait for the same thing. I wonder if they do this to maintain value. They are treating all sedans and coupes like the 911.

    – Fusioptimasx

  8. first of all, I love the bitching and moaning about designs that don't change enough. WAHHHHHHHHH.

    all the same complainers would wet their pants to drive a new 911 – which is the most slowly-evolving design of all time.

    second, this is the problem when you start off with a near-perfect design. There is nowhere left to go. Kudos to Audi for not fucking things up. This is an evolution, however slight, that is an improvement. And it ruins nothing. That is a very, very difficult trick to pull off.

    You should know better than to trash it, Vinz.

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