2017 Infiniti Q60 price.

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The all new Infiniti Coupe will start at $38 950. For the 2.0 Liter Turbo version.
(basically $40 000 after transportation)

Which is about $4000 more than the Q50 sedan it is based on.

Infinitis are just fine, good cars. And the coupe has always looked pretty good.
But they really do not have much of an image in the luxury car market.
Sad but true.

So let’s see how it compares to its current competition:

-The BMW 4 series coupe starts at $42 845
-The Lexus RC 200T starts at $40 945
-The new Audi A5 (AWD only for now) starts at $42 150
-The new Mercedes C class Coupe starts at $43 575

Not sure what comes standard with the Infiniti, but they usually give you a bit more stuff than the Germans for the base price.
Still. It is not that much less than the competition.
Yet it has none of the prestige. And it doesn’t have the super reliable reputation of the Lexus either.

I don’t think the new Q60 will change much for Infiniti.
Their coupe will still mostly be invisible in the market place. No matter how good it is.

I think the only thing they could have done is come up with an amazing, stand out design.
But they didn’t….

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  1. I don't know if this is how they've alway operated, but the Japanese seem to be getting pretty last about developing new platforms. The G35-Q50 has been on the same platform since 2007, so 10 years now. Similarly the Toyota Camry has been riding the same platform for even longer. The Tacoma is Ford Ranger levels of outdated, etc, etc.

    What are they doing over there??

  2. I think the Q50 is one of the most attractive and modern-/sporty-looking sedans in the streets. In some respects, it does look better than the upcoming Q60, which isn't a very practical car with it's limited backseat area anyway. At least, the Q60 will have the same modern interior with the dual touch-screen displays as the Q50. Now if only the Q50/Q60 offered Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

  3. if only infiniti designers had added a few more cuts, curves, and chrome trim on the side, then this thing would look good. but no.

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