2017 Mitsubishi Lancer

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 Looks like the  Lancer is not dead yet.
At least in China.

This newish/improved/revised model is for the Chinese market.
In other countries, Mitsubishi will now concentrate on SUVs and Crossovers. A well as Plug-ins and EVs.

I must say, this does look more like a Chinese design to me.

This is the current model.
Which, I think, still looks OK. Especially for how old it is.
Sure it’s boring, but it was never ugly.

These idiots just gave up on it years ago…

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  1. Mitsubishi hasn't been a relevant carmaker anywhere in the world for 20 years. They really should just sell their corpse to another automaker

  2. If you look a little closer, the structure seems to be the same. The proportions are the same. So it is the same old car with the current design. It doesn`t look good on this car. Cheap and ugly.

    Now that Mitsubishi is under the Renault-Nissan umbrella this could be one of the last "genuine" Mitsubishis.

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