2017 Nissan Pathfinder

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 The pathfinder is getting a few new things for 2017. Mostly a new face.
An attempt to make it look a bit more “trucky” I guess.

Now it looks a bit more like an Explorer. Not sure why they wanted that.

Otherwise the engine is the same old 3.5 Liter with a bit more power.

 Here is the current model

Looks like almost nothing has changed inside. Which is OK I guess.

Except that strange wannabe wood pattern on the console.

It is getting a little too strange for my taste.
On top of looking rather cheap.

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  1. The engine is not the "same old". It is a new 3.5 with more horsepower, more torque and many new parts. Please read before posting incorrect information. And the grille is not to make it more "trucky". It is to bring its looks into line with Nissan's latest front end design.

  2. This car is horrible. Yes, it is a little weird for ma also. The need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something else. I'm so disappointed that this is what the Nissan Pathfinder became.

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