2017 VW Tiguan LWB

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This is “supposedly” the US version of the all new VW Tiguan . The long wheel base version that will be available with 7 seats.
A shorter 5 seater version, similar to the one available in Europe, will be available too.
The larger model will only be built in Mexico and be exported all over the world. (Or wherever they need 7 seats in a compact SUV…)

This is the shorter Euro model.
As you can see, the “big one” above isn’t that much longer. At all.
So don’t expect super roomy 3rd row seats in there…

Still, this should be enough for most people. And I do predict the new Tiguan will be quite a hit in the US for VW.
Probably becoming even more popular than the Jetta over here.
And also bad news for the larger “still unnamed” Crossover based on the Crossblue concept…

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  1. 3rd rows are a joke when it comes to mid size SUVs. Only youngsters fit back there. So no surprise here. If you need a 3rd row for adults get a Suburban.

  2. Shouldn't be bad news for the CrossBlue CUV at all. That particular model will be significantly larger in all dimensions, including about a foot and a half longer. In fact it will be even bigger than the Toureg.

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