All new Renault Megane Sedan

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We’ve already seen the all new hatchback model a few months ago.
Now Renault is showing us the sedan version.
And it looks pretty good.

This will compete with cars like the Ford Focus sedan in Europe.
But really, this isn’t a large market over there. In that segment, hatchbacks are way more popular . Like the Golf. (The Jetta is not even offered in many European countries)

But, this would make a great “next’ Sentra over here.
I think it’s about time Nissan/Renault merges the Sentra and Megane into one car.

The Sentra over here is behind almost every other car in its class.
The new Megane uses the same CMF platform many Nissan models already use.

I know they do offer the Pulsar hatchback in Europe. And the next generation is supposed to be sold over here and the Sentra Hatchback.
I am just hoping the next Sentra/Pulsar inherits a lot of the new Megane design.

It needs it. Badly…

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  1. sedan's very popular in CIS countries, and very very very in russia. i think that market could recoup the expenses

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