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It has been a while since I posted a video.
My usual stuff with the weird sound track. So here it is.

I was lucky enough to drive the new Cascada through the beautiful Inyo National Forest.
(Where the Steve McQueen movie “Nevada Smith” was shot back in 1966)

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  1. Invisivince… are you a vampire? do we not see your reflection in the mirrors? Who was lying on the floor of the car manipulating the top button or is it a crafty German techno remote?

  2. I saw one yesterday on the road… beautiful day… top up and two centenarians in the car… Just can not get past that Buicks for old people.

  3. To the "brand snob know-it-all dimwit" who claimed :
    "Buick will be lucky to sell a grand total of 2000 units before it is discontinued"

    They have sold 4071 units so far. (NOT a grand total of 2000) As of June. And apparently dealers are asking for more since "demand for the Cascada has outpaced supply".
    Most buyers are from outside the brand. (64%) Most are former Audi, Honda and Toyota owners.

    So the Cascada is selling and doing quite well.

  4. Heavy, slow, in essence a stretched Verano of years past that insists in moderate to severe cowl shake. I like the color though.

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