2017 Honda Civic Hatchback

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I can’t say I am surprised, since I posted a picture of this a long time ago.
Still, I think this is pretty horrible.
(And that’s coming from someone who loves hatchbacks)

I mean this is one of the busiest design I have seen in years, making the Mazda3 look like a classy model.
It seems that every other hatchback on the market looks better.

Just look at that rear bumper!
(What is going on in the mind of someone who designs that???)
This is pretty close to a visual nightmare.
Not only when compared to the competition, but also the previous versions of the Civic hatch. The ones we didn’t get in the US…

The good news is that now, the 1.5 Liter Turbo is available with the 6 speed manual, not just the CVT.
The manual is available on LX, Sport and EX models.
(So no leather and stick shift for you)

This is the current one. Sold in Europe.
Not the best looking thing ever. But still. the new one makes this look like Marilyn Monroe.

I still think the previous generation was the best ever.
Never sold here, of course.

Still a great looking, original  design.
Now compare this to the new one…

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  1. *busiest, not "buzziest"

    The last picture of the 2-generations old hatchback is of the 2005 concept version, just FYI, not the 2006 production version.

  2. Another freaking home run from Honda. Oh yeah, Vince can you add an (s) at the end of "busiest design?"

  3. I agree, the previous bodystyle Civics for North America and Europe were the coolest. Nothing like the elegant late 80's/early 90's models, though, which are cult icons. The new cars looks like busy Chinese messes.

  4. I think this may be the GT/Si/Type-R (whatever it will be called) model. I don't think it's too bad looking. Although with some of those wheel designs, it's like a Chinese copy of Kia's designs. This will have the best power to weight ratio and cargo room in it's class (we all know the Kia/Hyundai engine figures are overrated). They just need to address those 1.5T engine problems first, as it will be standard on the hatch.

  5. Hey Vince,

    Can you spot what is grammatically wrong with the sentence below? If you do, you are a hero man…

    I mean this is one of the busiest design

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