2017 Mazda3

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Just a few changes for the new year.

And in true Mazda fashion, they didn’t ruin anything. At all.
Which is great, since the Mazda3 is still, in my opinion, the best looking compact hatchback out there.
Inside it now gets the same steering wheel as the CX-9.
Which is just fine.
Otherwise it gets an LED headlights option.
Redesigned center console with electronic handbrake.
The whole thing is also supposed to be bait quieter than before.

But mostly, it is now available with Mazda’s all new G-Vectoring Control.
So there….

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  1. I'm really liking Mazda. While everyone is talking about needing to put the 2.5L Turbo from the CX-9 into the rest of the lineup, it seems to make more sense to me that Mazda next give the 2.0L the same treatment for the rest of their lineup. Any news on further engine developments in Mazda, Vince?

  2. Put a turbo with 250 plus horses, make the cars more quiet across all models, built doors that close like a vault, and then come talking to me about Mazda. Until then it will continue carrying the "stigma" of the carmaker for the have-nots. Their perennial strategy of catering to the underprivileged creates car articles wondering why people do not buy these "great" cars. In a vacuum they are very good cars, until you start looking at the competition, and there is quite a bit out there.

  3. Mazda makes a great product, but they have a problem fixing blatant issues which I think discourages sales. Recently saw complaints on new CX9 having terrible air conditioning which doesn't cool down the car. People were saying don't buy it if you live in a hot climate. Basically My 14' M6 is fine except for a terrible infotainment system which makes playing USB music a major pain. It took 3 years for a software update and I stupidly bit and had it installed. New module makes the system work even worse. What a joke. These same geniuses think they don't need to sell the CX-4 in the U.S. While M6 sales are down 28% YTD, M3 down 8%, CX5 barely breaking even YTD and CX-3 selling at the level of the 500X and we all know how well Fiat sales are going here.

    As long as they ignore customer complaints and have no clue about marketing they will fail to become a force in this market.

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