2017/18 BMW 1 series sedan

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Well, well, well…
Just look a this.
This is the car BMW swears is “exclusively for the Chinese market”.
Caught testing in Europe.

Of course!

And you know it’s coming over here too.
There is quite a market for these small sedans with big badges.
Like the FWD Mercedes CLA or the Golf based Audi A3 sedan.
 And it doesn’t matter how cramped they are inside, as long as that expensive badge is outside.

Again, I predict it is only a matter of time until the 1 series sedan makes it to the US as well.

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  1. Obviously this is going world wide. They'd be stupid not to. This is a money machine waiting to happen in the US. This platform is already here with the new Mini and the X1, so it would take nothing to get it federalized.

  2. 1. Most car buyers have no idea what FWD or RWD is or why they should care.
    2. The 3-series grows larger with every generation.
    3. The FWD X1 has gotten rave reviews.
    4. BMW is a for-profit company.

    It's coming.

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