2018 Acura TLX

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This is actually pretty sad. The TLX isn’t a super exiting car.
But it has been getting really good reviews.
In general, Acuras are really good cars.

And that ugly “Shield” grille had finally been toned down so much, it actually almost looked fine.
(Especially in the revised version of the  smaller ILX)
To the point that I thought it was pretty OK in the TLX.

But it looks like it will soon be getting the “even uglier” new grille design from the 2017 MDX.
And you can pretty much bet the ghastly new design will be crafted on all other Acura models.

(Just like that new horrific grille from the Lincoln Continental. Which is now ruining the MKZ design.)

Of course, design is a matter of taste. But I really think this old fashion, plasticky
 big grille (now useless) design has to go. It does not imply luxury anymore.
It just looks tacky and cheap.

It seems that Acura  has really lost it as far as design goes. They seem completely lost.
They are now mixing boring and ugly.
Which never, ever works…

One phone call to a good designer could fix most of that mess. Really.
They need to put their ego aside and realize they just can’t do it and call for help.

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  1. It looks similar to mesh grill replacements I have seen on eBay for people that want to change out the chrome beak grill. Saw one the other day on the previous gen. TL.

  2. Agree 100% Vince. I thought Acura found the fix in the newest ILX, where the shield is twisted and looks MUCH better. I would have applied that to all of their cars.

    All of this is due to the "BMW wanna be" factor — brands seeking a highly recognized, iconic grill. That led to the ugly "winged" grill in the first Subaru Tribeca, the current ugly "hourglass" grill of Lexuses, the stupid "V'ed" grill on Nissans and now this latest monstrosity on Acuras, which is even worse than what it replaced.

  3. Lincoln's new grille looks 10times better than the one it replaces. I just wish it first was introduced on the new Continental before the MKZ.

  4. Acura and Honda grilles have become very close to the same design. Guess they felt the need to differentiate them from each other?

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