Another day, another Chinese copy..

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 This time, they copied some of the “almost 4 year old” VW Crossblue Concept.
(They probably figured people had waited long enough for the real thing.
And they would do a great service to the world by finally building one.)

It actually looks like a cross between the new Tiguan and the Crossblue concept.
And of course, it also looks like a cheap version of both..

This one is called the “Zotye Damai X7”
Notice that beautiful “Damai” logo on the grille. An especially classy touch.

Here is the actual Crossblue concept.

And here is the new Tiguan. The one we are still waiting for in the US.
So I’d say the Chinese clone is about 80% Tiguan, 20% Crossblue.

Whatever it looks like, I am still amazed how they are able year after year to copy western designs.
It’s like a long running joke….

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