Cadillac Escala Concept

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I think this is pretty surprising. ( at least to me.)
Not sure what I expected for Cadillac’s new concept….

But after looking at these pictures for a while, I do like it a lot.
I think the front end is a great, more subtle design for future Cadillacs. The rear lights are 1000 times better and classier than anything they are doing now (That poor CT6 rear end…)

And, surprise, it’s even a hatchback!

I think a hatchback is a great idea. Since people are now so used to them in SUVs. It might be a great way to get people back into sedans (at least some)

The interior is also much nicer than any of their production models. And quite a bit retro.

It uses the same platform as the CT6, but is 6 inches longer.

And the concept is powered by a 4.2 Liter Twin Turbo V8. Yes, a V8!
GM calls it “a prototype of a new system in development for future Cadillac models”.
Which sounds like “Next Escalade engine”, or “Upcoming option for the CT6” to me.

But…. We’ve been had before. Cadillac had great concepts with the Ciel and Elmiraj.
All we got after that was the CT6. Which is a huge let down.
So, let’s hope a lot of this designs ends up in the next ATS sedan (CT3?)
Since it seems to be the next sedan inline for a redesign. Before the next CTS.

Meanwhile, we will see an all new compact SUV and a larger one based on the next Buick Enclave.
So maybe these guys will have some “Escala touches” as well.

But this, basically, should have been the CT6.
I mean, just imagine…

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  1. Very derivative. It's Jaguar meets BMW meets Infinity meets Honda with disgusting Lexus-like accents tacked on, all topped off with a cat swallowed the canary look to its face. Terrible. Can they add any more creases to the hood while they're at it?

    **** no is this a Cadillac. Worst concept from them I can ever recall. They'll probably pick this one to ACTUALLY build too. Stupid *******.

  2. This is certainly more evocative of what a Cadillac should be: big, bold, in your face, commanding, get out of my way or I'll eat you up (in a automotive way, not the predator face of the Lexus).

    The CT6 (such a non-memorable name that evokes no emotion) has headlight 'eye's that seem to be melting to the ground, or maybe they are supposed to look like they are crying, either way it is not a 'watch out people, I have arrived face".

    But as usual, they probably wont put any of this into production.

  3. I forgot the mention, on area I dont like is the side window area. The bend upward behind the rear doors looks like an exaggeration of the current model Hyundai Genesis, and that's not a good thing. But the front and rear are great.

  4. Why'd they just toss their whole brand identity? My first impression of the front end appearance is "Impala facelift."

  5. Forget the Hoffmeister kink – a Cadillac needs to be imposing. Man up and build the Miraj or Ciel already!

  6. Genesis + Impala. Frankly I am disappointed. This is a great looking car, but a Cadillac it's not. However they did do run thing right, it really doesn't look like the rest of the lineup or can be confused for another Caddy. We haven't had a horizontal line in a Cadillac tail light since the FWD SeVille/STS was retired…..which is a little refreshing. I guess I'm honestly torn.

    – FusioptimaSX

  7. It's beautiful. More seductive than any sedan on the market today, short of the Rapide. But here's my rant…
    We've seen this before. Great concept, and then we get a dull and ordinary production car that was clearly designed for retirees who don't car which wheels move the car. I was born in the 70s, and Cadillac hasn't managed to cobble together a true luxury sedan since a decade before that. So I'm not holding my breath. If Cadillac wants a line of buyers around the block like Tesla has, or have captains of industry place orders for their cars a year in advance like S-Class buyers, then Cadillac had better cut the crap and build something truly spectacular that people want to buy. There's no reason that we shouldn't be able to walk into a Cadillac dealership today and choose from an Elmiraj, Ciel or Escada. Enough time has passed that all of them should be available.

  8. My first car was a Gremlin "hatchback" with a three foot liftover height. Good thing this is a show car. Imagine the tail end damage that would take.

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