Chevrolet Cruze test drive coming up

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I really liked the previous generation Cruze.
Even though I thought the design was quite boring even when it was brand new.
But I think it has actually aged pretty well.
(Usually the case with more conservative designs)

This all new model reminds me a lot of the new Volt.
It basically looks like a Volt with a truck. Even though it is not really.

So far I did notice the back seat is much roomier than the Volt.
The interior looks really good (Especially in my test car’s brown/black leather combo)
It feels very solid and quiet.

But that’s just after a few minutes .
I will be driving this for the week (starting with a beach day today), so feel free to ask anything you’d like to know about the car.

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  1. Let us know if the driver's seat has improved. I rented one last year and the seat was ridiculously low rent. Uncomfortable and pushed you into an awkward driving position.

  2. I rented the new one for a couple of days last week and I actually prefer the prevous model to this one. The interior of the last one was more straight forward, this one felt cheap, especially the fabric and plastic on dash. Both handled well. The new one looks alot like the last Civic.

  3. I currently own the previous generation Cruze.
    Could you tell me about how is the Start & Stop system
    working in this car? Is that seamless?

  4. Did GM pull the same as they did with the Malibu in deleting the rear amber turn signals, instead, leaving a giant white space that does nothing (similar to what Ford did with the Fiesta Sedan)? I've seen a few, but not up close to be able to verify. I feel that brake lights that double as turn signals are a valid safety concern.

  5. -The seats are great. But my test car is a "Premier" model with leather. Not sure about the base seats.
    -Start stop system works great. You don't feel it at all in "stop". A tiny bit when it restarts, but it's really one of the best.
    Although it doesn't seem to be working when A/C is on…
    -Not sure about brake lights doubling as turn signals. But I have seen this in many other cars (Even luxury cars)

  6. VB, does the start/stop slow your 0-60 acceleration? And, does it slow you down from getting away from a possible danger in an intersection?

  7. So far zero problem with the start/stop system.
    Acceleration is the same.

    But I have to say, since it doesn't work with A/C on, it's basically useless here in L.A. Where I keep the A/C on most of the time…

  8. Start/stop system works with A/C on in a moderately warm climate, but if the outside temperature is too high, I guess it doesn't stop at all. I guess it will not stop often in our desperatly ugly winter temperature, here, either…

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