Mercedes GLC Coupe

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This isn’t all new, but I had not seen these “real life” pictures of it yet.
And I really like it.
I think it looks much nicer than the regular sedan.
It’s kind of too bad they made it an SUV, really. This would have made a great C-Class hatchback. Without being jacked up.
But since that’s what they sell now. Plus, it is probably sold here as a light truck. Which means less regulations than a “car”. So that’s even more money in their pockets.
Still, I do like it better than the sedan and the boxy and generic looking “regular” GLC.
The only mistake (in my opinion) is the omission of the glass roof. Something that is available in the other versions and almost every new Mercedes model.
This only gets a regular/tiny/almost useless old fashion sunroof.
That’s too bad…
I am also not sure of pricing. Will it be more than the GLC?
Or in between the sedan and GLC??

Then new GLC Coupe reminds me of that old AMC Eagle SX.
Sure it only had 2 doors. But the 4WD Eagle was also available as a sedan and wagon.
And that was in the early 80’s.

These cars were truly and literally ahead of their times.
And I think they still look really good today. Especially the wagon.
(They even had a convertible for a while!)

I mean, looks at this guy! Right?

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  1. When I see ads for this car, all I can say is "what a pig"!….as bad if not worse than the BMW X6…great for guys who need to over compensate!

  2. I understand that GLC is to X4 as GLE is to X6, but this is just too confusing. Is the GLC/GLC Coupe based upon the C-Class? I thought it was just a making scheme to associate the classes to mirror the sedans. I'm wondering how far away the GLS coupe is (as well as an X7 based "X8" for BMW).

    – FUsioptimaSX

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